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Nokia E7 other choice for Smartphone

Nokia re-spawn a High classnya the Nokia E7 as in other variants of the E series are fascinated because it's Nokia E series is addressed to the Executive, with features such as updated features than its predecessor, perhaps Nokia spawned this product from the market to stem pressure on its competitors in class High End because of the recent Android rise since some ride the Big Brand peringakat such as for example the issue SAMSUNG Samsung HP Tablet Galaxy as well as TAB, okay immediately wrote a case of what we discuss features that Nokia Series E7 buried by this.

The main feature embedded into Nokia E7, with an elegant design that reinforce its image as a true Executive

* The touch screen AMOLED Black Light 4 "and QWERTY
* Push Email with Mail for Exchange.
* Map with free GPS navigation
* Camera 8 MP and HD video
* Live updates from Facebook and Twitter on the front screen
* Qwery and touch screen buttons are very
* Create, edit and to share office documents, and supports PDF files with Adobe Reader.
* Instruct the phone to do something with Vlingo, voice recognition applications.
* Full HDMI for watching videos and viewing of HD images on a compatible TV.
* Watch and upload videos directly to YouTube.
* Various application on Ovi Store - business, messaging, entertainment, and others.

Nokia E7 Spesification

* Size: 123.7 x 62.4 x 13.6 mm
* Weight (with battery): 175 g
* Volume: 97.8 cc
* full QWERTY keyboard
* Home button, Power button, Lock button, Camera key, Volume keys
* Support the touch of a finger to input text and control the User Interface
* alphanumeric keypad on the screen and full keyboard
* Able to use a capacitive stylus
* Full-screen handwriting recognition, including handwriting for Chinese characters

It's a feature that is not half training while also satisfying that are offered by Nokia E7 are increasingly pampering their users, with the spawn Nokia E7 are nokia hope to take over another class of high-end market

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