Rabu, 13 April 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook

Research in Motion (RIM), telecom companies and wireless devices from Canada, finally officially set the date 19 April 2011 officially launched the Playbook. When launching a stay of less than one month will certainly bring vendors into the BlackBerry device manufacturers fierce battle with Apple and Google and other vendors and keeping menegeluarkan similar products or Tablet Pad in the free market. Playbook Blackberry comes with a powerful Dual Core Processor 1 Ghz as the brain and using Exclusive Blackberry Operating System
To measure the service life of RIM chose to use a 7-inch screen on their Tablet, Tablet according to the plan will be released with the official IPAD tablet price equals 2, which launched one month earlier, U.S. $ 499 or equivalent to Rp. 4.9 million if the exchange was in the range Rp.9000 per $ 1 while for a capacity of 16GB, 32GB (U.S. $ 599) and 64GB (U.S. $ 699). For those of you who have been accustomed to using the Blackberry would not feel awkward anymore because of this Playbook sanag main features very similar to other Blackberry Smartphone-made and of course the owner's Playbook will also need access to the Tablet to the Canadian company (RIM) for this tablet can work with fully. BlackBerry Messenger service, email and calendar will depend on the BlackBerry Bridge when connected handset. As quoted Techradar, this only makes this tablet as an external monitor that has a browser.

Tablet RIM output will be marketed in more than 20,000 retail and online stores when it launched. The company targets sales of its first touch-screen tablet to reach the range of 1-4 million units this year. Expectations are much lower than the first generation IPAD perjualan which sells for up to 15 million units in just nine months of sales in 2010, two to three times more than expected in the analyst. In fact, until the end of this tablet is expected to sell 30 million units through the numbers.

Source : About Gadget.com

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