Rabu, 13 April 2011

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830

It was difficult to stem the increasingly aggressive steps with Samsung Android from Google. South Korean vendors are really ready for combat. New Weapon for this year again fired into Indonesia, Galaxy Samsung GT-S5830 Ace or one of them. The design of the Samsung Ace Galaxy is packaged in a glossy black candybar body and rounded corners but firm impression implies. At first glance, the Samsung is like trying to show something new through the Galaxy Ace. This phone looks like a want to escape from the Galaxy family trait impression sebelumnya.Ada more simple and tend to adopt a style that developed the iPhone 4. There are significant differences in the rear casing is coated with a rough texture and finishing abrasive.

On the left side of the body just pinned the volume buttons. On the right side of the body embedded power button / lock key and micro SD slot that is hotswap. While the 3.5-mm audio port and port appear side by side on the upper side of the body Galaxy Ace. This phone also has a proximity sensor buried in the top right corner of the front body. The position of this sensor is really subtle and barely visible. This sensor works like radar, to detect the distance between the screen with an object in front of him. When you call this sensor will menonaktfikan screen if located near the ear.

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